I never got around to actually finishing this project. With the rise of filesystems that support snapshotting and deduplication this project has become less relavant for me. I'd suggest using obnam or ZFS as alternatives to rdiff-backup workflows.


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Automated system backups via rdiff-backup

Understudy fills in for you when you need them the most, when you lose your data. It knows every line and is ready to step in whenever you need it.

Understudy automates entire system backups using rdiff-backup internally. It's based on automated rdiff-backup configurations I've found myself setting up over and over. I wanted to simplify some of the rdiff-backup process by enabling some defaults based on the path. I also wanted to be able easily backup an entire machine without worrying about multiple rdiff-backup scripts.


$ gem install understudy


$ understudy --help


Released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for further details.