lita-slack is an adapter for Lita that allows you to use the robot with Slack. As lita-slack is one way, robot messages to Slack, it depends on lita-slack-handler gem to receive messages from Slack.


Add lita-slack and lita-slack-handler to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-slack"
gem "lita-slack-handler"


First, you need to make sure your Slack team has Incoming WebHooks integration setup. For configuration regarding lita-slack-handler, see its README.

Then, define the following attributes:

Required attributes

  • incoming_token (String) – Slack integration token.
  • team_domain (String) – Slack team domain; subdomain of

Optional attributes

  • incoming_url (String) – Default:
  • username (String) – Display name of the robot; default: whatever is set in Slack integration
  • add_mention (Bool) – Always prefix message with mention of the user which it's directed to; this triggers a notification.

Example lita_config.rb

Lita.configure do |config| = "Lita"
  config.robot.mention_name = "@lita"
  # Select the Slack adapter
  config.robot.adapter = :slack
  # lita-slack adapter config
  config.adapter.incoming_token = "aN1NvAlIdDuMmYt0k3n"
  config.adapter.team_domain = "example"
  config.adapter.username = "lita"
  # Some more handlers and other config
  # .....