lita-slack-handler is a handler for Lita that allows you to use the robot with Slack. This handler complements lita-slack adapter gem. lita-slack-handler sets up an HTTP route to accept messages from Slack:Outgoing WebHooks integrations, then feeds it into Lita. This handler, otherwise, does nothing by itself; i.e., it does not produce any replies.


Add lita-slack-handler to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-slack-handler"

But most likely, you'd be adding lita-slack gem as well:

gem "lita-slack"
gem "lita-slack-handler"


First, you need to make sure your Slack team has Outgoing WebHooks integration setup with the correct Trigger Word(s) and URL:


Then, define the following attributes:

Required attributes

  • webhook_token (String) – Slack integration token.
  • team_domain (String) – Slack team domain; subdomain of

Example lita_config.rb

Lita.configure do |config| = "Lita"
  # mention_name should match Slack integration Trigger Word
  config.robot.mention_name = "@lita"
  config.robot.alias = "lita"
  # Most likely you'll be using with the Slack adapter
  config.robot.adapter = :slack
  # Lita's HTTP port is used for Slack integration
  config.http.port = 8080
  # lita-slack-handler config
  config.handlers.slack_handler.webhook_token = "aN1NvAlIdDuMmYt0k3n"
  config.handlers.slack_handler.team_domain = "example"
  # Some more adapter and other config
  # .....


None. lita-slack-handler just takes messages from Slack and feeds it into Lita.