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A simple gem to build daemons.

It provides basic functions to start and stop a daemon process. It also parses command-line options.


  • Ruby 2.0.0 <=

Kajiki has no gem dependencies. It uses Trollop, but it’s embedded.

Getting Started


$ gem install kajiki


```ruby require ‘kajiki’

opts = Kajiki.preset_options(:minimal) Kajiki.run(opts) do |command| case command when ‘start’ while true puts ‘Are we there yet?’ sleep(5) end when ‘stop’ puts ‘Arrived!’ end end ```


To see help:

$ myapp -h Usage: myapp [options] {start|stop} -d, --daemonize Run in the background -p, --pid=<s> Store PID to file -h, --help Show this message

To start your app as a daemon:

$ myapp -d -p ~/myapp.pid start

To stop your app running as a daemon:

$ myapp -p ~/myapp.pid stop


There are two ways to use Kajiki.

  1. With preset command-line option parsing and auto daemonizing
  2. Custom option parsing and semi-auto daemonizing