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A plugin for the sequel database library that enables Sequel::Model classes to be serialized into protocol buffers.


There is an intent to have this gem available through rubygems eventually, but for now, it's easiest to require the gem through bundler by specifying it in your Gemfile:

Gemfile gem 'sequel-protobuf', :git => ""


In your Sequel::Model definition, require sequel, sequel-protobuf, a protocol buffer utility library of your choice (like ruby-protocol-buffers), and the corresponding protocol buffer model definition (the .pb.rb file that ruby-protoc generates). Next, specify that you want your Sequel::Model class to use the protobuf plugin along with the class name of the protobuf model definition, like so:

require 'sequel'
require 'sequel/plugins/protobuf'
require 'ruby-protocol-buffers'
require 'your/protocol/buffer/definitions/my_model_definition'

class MyModel < Sequel::Model
  plugin :protobuf, :model => MyModelDefinition

Now you can create a new instance of your record, and call to_protobuf or from_protobuf on it!

Simple Sequel::Dataset operations will also work as well!

5.times do 

result = MyModel.all.to_protobuf
# result is an array of protocol buffer representations of each instance of {MyModel}!


  • This library currently only supports ruby-protocol-buffers as a serialization driver. If you are interested in adding additional driver support, feel free to open a Pull Request!


  • Serialization of nested models