post-it - Send post-it notes Notification Center on Mac OS X.


Joe Workman (joe at


Copyright © 2012 Joe Workman


Distributes under the MIT license,

see LICENSE.txt in the source distro

Sticky Notifications is a Mac Application developed by the brilliant Matt Gemmell. It allows you to create post-it note style reminders into Notification Center (Mountain Lion or later) or Growl.

Post-It is a simple utility that uses Sticky Notifications to post messages to Notification Center on Mac OS X. You can now easily send yourself notifications from command-line or your own scripts and applications.

*Important*: This utility will only function if you have Sticky v1.0.4+ installed.



Install: gem install post-it

Shell Examples

Post a simple message: post-it “My Message”

Post with custom titles: post-it -t “My Title” -s “My Subtitle” “My Message”

Prepare a message in SN: post-it –prepare -t “My Title” -s “My Subtitle” “My Message”

Ruby Examples

Quick and dirty notifications: post_it = post_it.send(“My Message”) post_it.prepare(“Prepare My Message”)

You can define default values: post_it => “My Title”, :subtitle => “My Subtitle”)

Pass options to send method:

	post_it.send(message,{:title => "My Title",:subtitle => "Post-It"})
	post_it.prepare(message,{:title => "My Title"})