This gem is a rubygems plugin that is expected to be installed in the same gemset as Puppet. The intent is to modify the puppet gem to relocate the default confdir and vardir. This behaviors allows multiple versions of puppet to exist in different gemsets with distinct default base directories.

The relocation directory is based on the Ruby PREFIX. For example, if the puppet gem is installed using a ruby with a prefix of /opt/operations then operations will be used to construct a default system confdir of /etc/operations/puppet and a default system vardir of /var/lib/operations/puppet. Similarly, /opt/crossfader/versions/ruby/1.9.3-p448 will result in /etc/crossfader/puppet and /var/lib/crossfader/puppet.

The design of modifying the default confdir and vardir has been chosen to support Puppet operating as a library in addition to Puppet operating as an application. This approach has the goal of keeping behavior consistent between library based use cases and application based use cases as compared to a wrapper script which sets --confdir and --vardir which introduces an inconsistency between application and library use cases.


Install this gem before installing Puppet to ensure puppet will be relocated upon installation.

$ gem install puppet_transplant

If you do not have permission to write to $GEM_HOME, try preserving your environment in sudo:

$ sudo -E gem install puppet_transplant


Simply install the gem into the current gemset then install a puppet gem afterwards. For example:

$ which gem

$ sudo -E gem install puppet_transplant
Fetching: puppet_transplant-0.0.2.gem (100%)
Successfully installed puppet_transplant-0.0.2
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for puppet_transplant-0.0.2...
Installing RDoc documentation for puppet_transplant-0.0.2...

$ sudo -E gem install puppet --no-ri --no-rdoc
Fetching: puppet-3.4.2.gem (100%)
Transplanted confdir: /etc/operations/puppet
Transplanted vardir:  /var/lib/operations/puppet
Successfully installed puppet-3.4.2
1 gem installed

$ sudo -E puppet agent --configprint confdir
$ sudo -E puppet agent --configprint vardir


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