PhocoderRails is a rails engine that makes it incredibly easy to integrate your rails app with the Phocoder image processing service.


Add this to your Gemfile:

gem "phocoder-rails"

And then run:

bundle install

Then you need to generate a config file and a migration for tracking job status.

rails g phocoder_rails:setup
create db/migrate/xxxxxxxx_create_encodable_jobs.rb
create config/phocodable.yml

Base Configuration


  • Setting storage mode
  • Setting processing mode (foreground / background processing)
  • Other?

Generating a new model & scaffolding

Letting PhocoderRails generate a new model and scaffold for you is probably the easiest way to get started and to get a feel for how Phocoder works.

rails g phocoder_rails:scaffold image_upload
create  db/migrate/20120731022844_create_image_uploads.rb
create  app/models/image_upload.rb
create  app/models/image_upload_thumbnail.rb
create  app/helpers/image_uploads_helper.rb
create  app/controllers/image_uploads_controller.rb
create  app/views/image_uploads
create  app/views/image_uploads/_form.html.erb
create  app/views/image_uploads/index.html.erb
create  app/views/image_uploads/new.html.erb
create  app/views/image_uploads/show.html.erb
 route  resources :image_uploads, :except=>[:edit,:update]

Updating an existing model

First generate a migration that will add some extra columns to your table. You should red the migration after it is generated to make sure that it makes sense within the context of your model.

rails g phocoder_rails:model_update my_model

Then you should make sure that your form is set up for multi part encoding, and that you have a file_field in your form named file.

<%= f.file_field :file %>

Model Configuration

PhocoderRails allows you to easily set up your image processing in a simple declarative style. The acts_as_phocodable method hooks phocoder-rails into your model and allows you to easily decalre multiple thumbnails that will be generated any time a new model record is created. Thumbnails can include cropping, framing, and annotations.

Here's an ImageUpload class that shows and example of how to use acts_as_phocodable :

class ImageUpload < ActiveRecord::Base

  acts_as_phocodable :thumbnail_class => "ImageUploadThumbnail",
    :thumbnails => [
      {:label=>"small",  :width=>100, :height=>100, :aspect_mode => 'crop'},
      {:label=>"medium", :width=>400, :height=>400, :aspect_mode => 'preserve',
        :frame=>{ :width=>20, :bottom=>50, :color=>'003' },
                        {:text=>"Annotation Testing",:pointsize=>30,:fill_color=>'fff',:gravity=>"South",:y=>10},


This will result in two 'thumbnail' images being created every time a new image is uploaded. One will be exactly 100x100 square, and the other one will be scaled proportionally to fit inside 400x400, with a 20 pixel border on top, left, and right, and a 50 pixel border on bottom, with text annotations added on top and on the bottom of the image.

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Storage and Processing Modes