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This is the notifier gem for integrating apps with the :zap: Honeybadger Exception Notifier for Ruby and Rails.

When an uncaught exception occurs, Honeybadger will POST the relevant data to the Honeybadger server specified in your environment.


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Supported Ruby versions

Honeybadger supports Ruby 1.8.7 through 2.1.

Supported Rails versions

Honeybadger supports Rails 2.3.18 through Rails 4.1.0.


  1. Fork it.
  2. Create a topic branch git checkout -b my_branch
  3. Commit your changes git commit -am "Boom"
  4. Push to your branch git push origin my_branch
  5. Send a pull request

Running the tests

We're using the appraisal gem to run our test suite against multiple versions of Rails. To run the Cucumber features, use rake appraisal cucumber. Type rake -T for a complete list of available tasks.

The RSpec test suite can be run with rake, or rake appraisal:rails2.3 to include Rails-specific specs.


The Honeybadger gem is MIT licensed. See the MIT-LICENSE file in this repository for details.