The Happy Web Application Toolkit

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Happy is a toolkit for developing web applications using Ruby. Inspired by both Sinatra and Rails, it sits somewhere in the middle, trying to offer the super-light-weight attitude and flexibility of Sinatra, the comfort and power of Rails, and adding a big chunk of extensibility and modularity that any lover of object-oriented application design will enjoy.

Furthermore, the way Happy handles incoming requests is vastly different from how most of the other frameworks do it, offering a new, extremely flexible and suspiciously fun way of building your application.

**For an introduction, please check out the The Happy Book of Happy.** For additional examples, check out the example application.


Happy is available as a RubyGem, so just install it through gem install happy (or add it to your project's Gemfile. You know the drill.)


Reporting Bugs & Contributing

I am trying to keep Happy's code base as sane (and small) as possible. If you want to contribute code, please talk to me before writing a patch or submitting a pull request! Thank you.

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