Intro.js for rails asset pipeline

Intro.js is a better way for new feature introduction and step-by-step users guide for your website and project.


Install introjs-rails gem

Add introjs-rails to your Gemfile and run bundle install:

 gem "introjs-rails"

Include introjs-rails javascript assets

Add the following to your app/assets/javascripts/application.js:

 //= require introjs

Include introjs-rails stylesheet assets

Add to your app/assets/stylesheets/application.css:

 *= require introjs


introjs-rails tracks Intro.js's versions.


If you want to contribute, please:

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Send me a pull request on Github.


MIT Licensed

Copyright (c) 2013 Pablo Fernandez. See LICENSE for details.