Simple xml to object deserialisation for Ruby, built on top of Nokogiri (at the moment).

This is still in the hacky stage, so you probably shouldn't use it...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <artist>Arctic Monkeys</artist>
    <artist>Aphex Twin</artist>
require 'serialisable'
require 'time'

class Play
  extend Serialisable

  root 'play'
  element :track, 'track'
  element :artist, 'artist'
  element :time, 'time', Time   # an object responding to #parse

class Plays
  extend Serialisable

  root 'plays'
  elements :plays, Play         # a Serialisable object

plays = Plays.deserialise('plays.xml')).plays