Arbre - Ruby Object Oriented HTML Views

Arbre is the DOM implemented in Ruby. This project is primarily used as the object oriented view layer in Active Admin.

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Simple Usage

A simple example of setting up an Arbre context and creating some html

html = do
  h2 "Why Arbre is awesome?"

  ul do
    li "The DOM is implemented in ruby"
    li "You can create object oriented views"
    li "Templates suck"

puts html.to_s #=> <h2>Why</h2><ul><li></li></ul>

The DOM in Ruby

The purpose of Arbre is to leave the view as ruby objects as long as possible. This allows OO Design to be used to implement the view layer.

html = do
  h2 "Why Arbre is awesome?"

html.children.size #=> 1
html.children.first #=> #<Arbre::HTML::H2>


The purpose of Arbre is to be able to create shareable and extendable HTML components. To do this, you create a subclass of Arbre::Component.

For example:

class Panel < Arbre::Component
  builder_method :panel

  def build(title, attributes = {})

    h3(title, :class => "panel-title")

The builder_method defines the method that will be called to build this component when using the DSL. The arguments passed into the builder_method will be passed into the #build method for you.

You can now use this panel in any Arbre context:

html = do
  panel "Hello World", :id => "my-panel" do
    span "Inside the panel"

html.to_s #=>
  # <div class='panel' id="my-panel">
  #   <h3 class='panel-title'>Hello World</h3>
  #   <span>Inside the panel</span>
  # </div>