Welcome to Wettpool.

A free, open source sports betting pool in Ruby on Rails (version 3.2 and up).

Example events include:

  • UEFA Champions League 2012
  • UEFA Europa League 2012
  • Österreichische Bundesliga 2012
  • ÖFB Cup 2012
  • UEFA European Football Championship aka Euro 2012
  • National Hockey League (NHL) 2012 (in progress)


Try the demo install running on Heroku wettpool.herokuapp.com.

Use the login credentials demo/demo.

Setup on Heroku

Clone the Wettpool git repo

git clone ???

Create app on Heroku e.g.

heroku create <your_app_name_here> --cedar ???

Upload via

git push heroku

Create DB on first upload via

heroku run rake db:migrate db:seed

or all-in-one alternative

heroku run rake db:setup

That's it.


The wettpool scripts and templates are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.