Slide Show (S9) - A Free Web Alternative to PowerPoint and KeyNote in Ruby


The Slide Show (S9) Ruby gem lets you create slide shows and author slides in plain text using a wiki-style markup language that's easy-to-write and easy-to-read. The Slide Show (S9) project also collects and welcomes themes and ships “out-of-the-gem” with built-in support for “loss-free” gradient vector graphics themes.


Usage: slideshow [options] name
  -o, --output PATH                Output Path
  -g, --generate                   Generate Slide Show Templates (Using Built-In S6 Pack)
  -t, --template MANIFEST          Template Manifest
  -f, --fetch URI                  Fetch Templates
  -c, --config PATH                Configuration Path (default is ~/.slideshow)
  -l, --list                       List Installed Templates
  -v, --verbose                    Show debug trace
  -h, --help                       Show this message


slideshow microformats                
slideshow microformats.textile         # Process slides using Textile
slideshow microformats.text            # Process slides using Markdown
slideshow microformats.rst             # Process slides using reStructuredText (*see Requirements)
slideshow -o slides microformats       # Output slideshow to slides folder

More examles:

slideshow -g                           # Generate slide show templates using built-in S6 pack
slideshow -l                           # List installed slide show templates
slideshow -f s5blank                   # Fetch (install) S5 blank starter template from internet
slideshow -t s5blank.txt microformats  # Use your own slide show templates (e.g. s5blank)


  • RedCloth (Textile Markup)

  • Kramdown (Markdown Markup)

  • BlueCloth (Markdown Markup) [Optional]

  • RDiscount (Markdown Markup) [Optional]

  • pandoc-ruby (Markdown/reStructuredText Markup) [Optional]

  • Coderay (Syntax Highlighting) [Optional]

  • Ultraviolet (Syntax Highlighting) [Optional]


Just install the gem:

$ sudo gem install slideshow


The slide show scripts and templates are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.