script/plugin install


config/ and RAILS_ROOT/config/ (for those using it in a Rails project) will be checked for a 'teamspeak.yml' file, that looks like this:

host: port: 10011 user: serveradmin password: hFS7FhsdCS5

Use your own data, obviously.

If you simply want to render a tree of your server in a view, insert this:

<% cache 'teamspeak', :expires_in => 1.minutes do -%> <%= render :partial => 'teamspeak/server' %> <% end -%>

This uses expires_in (which requires Memcache, for example) on the cache method - because, really, you do want to cache this somehow.

Default views for this are included and you can simply override them by having them present in your own app/views/ directory.

You might want to style the output too - you'll figure it out.