sapnwrfc - SAP Netweaver RFC support for Ruby 1.9.x


Welcome to the sapnwrfc Ruby package. This package is intended to facilitate RFC calls to an SAP R/3 system of release NW2004x and above. It may work for earlier versions but it hasn't been tested. The fundamental purpose of the production of this package, is to provide a clean object oriented interface to RFC calls from within Ruby. This will hopefully have a number of effects:

(1) make it really easy to do RFC calls to SAP from Ruby in an object oriented fashion (Doh!)

(2) promote Ruby as the interface/scripting/glue language of choice for interaction with SAP R/3.

(3) make the combination of Linux, Apache, and Ruby the killer app for internet connectivity with SAP.

(4) Establish a small fun open source project that people are more than welcome to contribute to, if they so wish.


After you have unpacked your kit, you should have all the files listed in the MANIFEST.

In brief, the following should work on most systems:

ruby setup.rb

if your rfcsdk is not findable in the system search path, then use the command line switches for mkmf/setup.rb like so:

ruby setup.rb config  --with-nwrfcsdk-dir=/path/to/rfcsdk
ruby setup.rb setup

Now you can either install like so:

ruby setup.rb install

or build the gem and install that like so:

gem build sapnwrfc.linux.gemspec
gem uninstall sapnwrfc
gem install sapnwrfc-<version>-<architecture>.gem

VERY IMPORTANT - make sure that you add the library path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH eg - mine is:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/piers/code/sap/nwrfcsdk/lib

Documents and Tests


Module Documentation


Test basic connection, and some rfc call examples


GitHub repo

Michele Franzin <>

Ruby 1.9.x porting

Michele Franzin <>


saprfc is Copyright © 2006-2008 Piers Harding. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the README file of the Ruby distribution.

One last thing - The SAP RFCSDK is a prerequisite for this perl package to work. The RFCSDK is proprietrary software owned by SAP AG. For this reason I will not supply ANY component part of the RFCSDK with this perl package, and further more you must obtain it through the normal channels with SAP AG - ie. you must have a licensed SAP R/3 installation at your disposal.

Other stuff


Piers Harding <>


Ruby 1.9.x or later


Copyright © 2006-2008 Piers Harding Released under Ruby's License