Pinport is a PIN importing command line utility written in Ruby.

Currently supports importing to a MySQL database.


gem install pinport


A config.yml file specifying details for your MySQL database is required. Pinport uses the file

Generating a config.yml file

Use pinport generate to generate the required config.yml file in the current directory.

Pinport uses the mysql2 gem to establish the connection to the database. For available database connection options, refer to:


Importing a single .txt file:

pinport import FILE

FILE should contain one line per item to be imported.

Importing a folder of .txt files:

pinport import FOLDER


Clone this repository using git clone.

Navigate to the directory of cloned repository and run rake to compile and install the gem from source.

To do the tasks separately:

  • rake build to compile the gem
  • rake install to install the gem.