tmrb -- easy to use wrapper for tmux


tmrb (formerly known as terminal_multiplexer) is a wrapper for tmux to integrate easily in one's development workflow. It tries to get out of your way and implements only features really needed: You could use this library to create sessions and windows in that sessions.

Before using tmrb you should configure tmux via its config-file ".tmux.conf".


Create script by your own ```bash

require lib

require 'tmrb'

create new instance

tmrb =

create new session to hold all windows

tmrb.new_session tmrb.new_session(:session_name => 'session name' , :window_name => 'window_name', :command => 'command --option parameter')

create new window

tmrb.new_window tmrb.new_window(:window_name => 'window_name', :command => 'command')

start tmux

tmrb.start ```

Generate script bash tmrb init [template] tmrb list templates tmrb show [template]


  • Packaged:
gem install tmrb
  • Source code:
git clone
cd tmrb
rake build
gem install pkg/tmrb-<version>.gem


  • thor


Please see "doc/examples/" for example scripts.


The library uses semantic versioning. Please see for further information.

If you need information about tmux please see or man tmux.