WARNING: Project is DISCONTINUED. As is simple_metrics server. There are other tools which serve a similar purpose as for example graphite, statsd, batsd, etc.

SimpleMetrics Ruby Client

SimpleMetrics makes it easy to collect and aggregate data (specifically counters, timers and events).

This is the Ruby client library gem.


Initialize client:

client = SimpleMetrics::Client.new("localhost")

sends "com.example.test1:1|c" via UDP:


sends "com.example.test1:5|c" (a counter with a relative value of 5):

client.count("com.example.test1", 5)

sends "com.example.test1:5|c|@0.1" with a sample rate of 10%:

client.count("com.example.test1", 5, 0.1)

sends "com.example.test1:5|g" (meaning gauge, an absolute value of 5):

client.gauge("com.example.test1", 5)