Library to access bugzilla and command line tool.

Its main goal is to be clean and provide a command line tool that exposes its features.


Main use case is report generation, therefore only the following features are implemented right now:

  • get a bug

  • search bugs

Plugins can be written to deal with specific bugzilla installations.

Example (API)

Client API

require 'bicho'

server ='')
server.get(127043).each do |bug|
  puts bug.summary
  puts bug.url

You can give more than one bug or a named query, or both:

server.get(127043, 432423) => [....]
server.get("Named list") => [....]
server.get("Named list", 4423443) => [....]

ActiveRecord-like API

To use the ActiveRecord like interface over the Bug class, you need first to set the Bicho common client:

require 'bicho'

Bicho.client ='')

Bicho::Bug.where(:product => "vala", :status => "resolved").each do |bug|
  # .. do something with bug

Or alternatively:

Bicho::Bug.where.product("vala").status("resolved").each do |bug|
  # .. do something with bug

Example (CLI)

bicho -b show 127043

bicho -b search --summary "crash"

bicho -b search --help

Extending Bicho


See the Command class to implement more commands.

Known issues

  • For now bugs respond to the bugs attributtes described in, I intend to make those real attributes.

  • There is no check if an API is supported on the server side


  • Define the plugin hooks, right now there is one :-)

  • Shortcuts for the bugzilla URL (bicho -b bko search ..), a plugin?


  • Duncan Mac-Vicar P. <>


Copyright © 2011 SUSE LINUX Products GmbH.

Bicho is licensed under the MIT license. See MIT-LICENSE for details.