Ruby bencode binding

This is a simple library for reading and writing bencoded data.

What is bencode?

Bencode is a simple data serialization format used by the popular BitTorrent P2P file sharing system.

It contains only four data types, namely:

  • byte strings
  • integers
  • lists
  • dictionaries


Encoding objects is as simple as calling #bencode on them:

"foo bar".bencode                   # => "7:foo bar"
42.bencode                          # => "i42e"
[1, 2, 3].bencode                   # => "li1ei2ei3ee"
{"foo" => 1, "bar" => -10}.bencode  # => "d3:bari-10e3:fooi1ee"

Decoding a data stream is as easy as calling BEncode.load(data).


Released under the MIT license.


  • Daniel Schierbeck
  • Mike Hodgson
  • Andrew Danforth
  • Eric Himmelreich
  • Allen Madsen