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Sightstone is a ruby wrapper for riots league of legends developer api ( Please note that you need an api key from riot in order to use this gem.


Just install the gem: gem install sightstone

If you want to build it by your own: git clone cd Sightstone gem build sightstone.gemspec gem install sightstone-x.x.x.gem


Sightstone is divided into several modules, each controlled by the base class 'Sightstone'. To use it, simply require 'sightstone'.

Currently available modules are: summoner, game, league, stats, champion, teams and ddragon

Below are usage examples for 2 of the modules. You can review the code to get an idea about what is currently possible and what isnt. Especially the module classes under sightstone/modules should be interessting for that. Working on a wiki begins as soon as i bring myself to comment my code properly.


Lets find dyrus

require 'sightstone'
sightstone ='your_api_key', 'na')

summoner = sightstone.summoner.summoner 'dyrus' # gets the summoner by its name OR id
    => "Dyrus"
    => 5908

.. and his rune pages

require 'sightstone'
sightstone ='your_api_key', 'na')

rune_book = sightstone.summoner.runes 5908 # 5908 is the summoner ID, you can pass a summoner object, too!
    => 20

page = rune_book.pages[0]
    => "Jax 2"
    => false
    => => #<Sightstone::Rune:0x007fae98b55c40 @id=5245, @description="+0.95 attack damage", @name="Greater Mark of Attack Damage", @tier=3>

Now things get tricky: Lets get all games where dyrus played tryndamere (champion id = 23) in a single call using code blocks:

require 'sightstone'
sightstone ='your_api_key', 'na')
dyrus = sightstone.summoner.summoner("Dyrus")

tryn_games = [] do |history| do |game|
   tryn_games << game if game.championId == 23 # 23 stands for tryndamere 

  => 2

A full documentation of the gem can be viewed at or build via yard from the source. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.


Licensed under the MIT License - Feel free to take on world domination with it.


Issues, suggestions, pull requests and whatever Dr. Mundo pleases are welcome. If you want to contact me: danijob88 at

This product is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Riot Games, Inc. or any of its affiliates.