Use to wind down a running app when needed.

Limits the max-age to the contents of the WIND_DOWN file, and salts the ETags to unsure clients see different deployments as having different contents.


require "rack/cache_buster"

use Rack::CacheBuster, APP_VERSION, WIND_DOWN_TIME

Rails Usage:

require "rack/cache_buster"

use Rack::CacheBuster::Rails

Before you deploy (capistrano):

Add this to your deploy.rb:

  gem "rack-cache-buster"
  require 'rack_cache_buster_recipes'
rescue LoadError
  puts "\n\n*** Please gem install rack-cache-buster before trying to deploy.\n\n"

# set :wind_down_time, 60*60 # defaults to 1hr


cap cache:winddown

… wait 1 hr …

cap deploy:migrations

… profit!

Before you deploy (other):

  • Find the maximum cache duration for all pages in your app, start this process with at least that amount time before you deploy.

  • Create a WIND_DOWN file in the app root of all your app servers.

  • Restart all instances (touch tmp/restart.txt will be fine for passenger apps).

  • Once all the caches should have expired you can deploy as normal.


If you are using Rack::Cache, you can safely put the CacheBuster below it in the stack, but only if you clear Rack::Cache's cache upon deploy.

This is actually the recommended approach as it will prevent the increased amount of hits between WIND_DOWN_TIME and your actual deployment from making it through to your app.