tm - Command line interface for TaskMapper


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Copyright © 2013 by Rafael George

This application provides an easy to use interface to interact with any TaskMapper provider in an standard way.


gem install tm

Also it will be include with TaskMapper so no need to install it alone.



tm --provider kanbanpad --authentication 'token:kdkdjdkd,username:username'

Refer to particular providers documentation to know which fields they need for authentication. After using this mechanism for authentication is better to pass the `initconfig` command to not be writing the credentials for each command. This will use the specified provider name as default.

Project command

List projects

  • Available options

  • –format=pretty|csv|table (Default: pretty)

  • –no-color

This is the default operation on projects. It will list all the projects for a given user.

tm project --list=all

id: 1
name: Project
created_at: 2013-03-19T20:10:37Z
updated_at: 2013-03-21T02:53:53Z

tm project --list=all --format=csv

1, Project, 2013-03-19T20:10:37Z, 2013-03-21T02:53:53Z

For more help

tm help
tm help <command>