Web Benchmark – Perform a web benchmark

SYNOPSIS bin/wb.rb [options] www.yourdomain.com/


-h                   : Print this screen and exit
-v                   : Be verbose
-f                   : Perform a full test
-a                   : Do not fetch assets
-r requests          : The number of requests each visitor should perform on
                       average (default 3)
-c visitors_count    : The number of visitors to launch (default 5)
-C seconds           : The number of seconds to cool down in a full test
                       (default 10)
-s seconds           : Sleep less then X seconds between requests. Specify
                       times 100 (default 2000 [= 20 seconds]).
                       Specify 0 if you don't want the visitors to sleep
                       between requests.


The Web Benchmark simulates visitors to your online resource. It creates
the number of specified visitors and they click random links on your page.

Each visitor has a pre determined number of pages to visit around the
number you have specified, where N = n [-|+] rand(n)  [n = specified nr]

Each visitor has a seperate cache for assets and doesn't download an asset


Wen performing a full test, the benchmark is conducted 3 times. First with
only one visitor, to establish a base line.

Then with half the visitors, and finally with all the visitors.

You can set a cool down period between the tests. Between tests visitors and
caches are destroyed


Run `bundle install`.


This software is released under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more


* This DOES NOT keep an eye on the load of the server you are benchmarking.
  You should!

* Measured times are not fully accurate, althoug measurements are taken as
  close as possible to the requests, there is still code I don't control or
  own in there, but I think it can be neglected

* When you use S3 (or any other CDN) for images, they to are collected. Still
  need to decide if that is a good or a bad thing

* All the other caveats and need-to-knows for benchmarking websites apply