Git-Webby - Web smarty for Git


This project was inspired in the Grack Smart-HTTP server handler (written by Scott Chacon) but developed using Sinatra and aims replace the original `git-http-backend` including new features.

The main goal of the Git-Webby is implement the following useful features.

  • Smart-HTTP, based on git-http-backend.

  • Authentication flexible based on database or configuration file like .htpasswd.

  • API to get information about repository.


Install the Git-Webby using Rubygems.

gem install git-webby

Or fork the project hosted on Github.

git clone
cd git-webby
rake install

Configure your Rackup file ( using the following instructions:

require "git/webby"

Git::Webby::HttpBackend.configure do |server|
  server.project_root = "/home/git/repositories"
  server.git_path     = "/usr/bin/git"
  server.get_any_file = true
  server.upload_pack  = true
  server.receive_pack = false
  server.authenticate = true

You can use the .netrc for improve your connection. Put this:

machine <host> login <username> password <password>

The Git-Webby is under development, so there are still many improvements to be made. Please, help us to improve the project with your feedback to issues or sending email to

Discuss in Google Groups.


Written by Hallison Batista <>.


If you find a bug, please report it at the Git-Webby project's issues tracker on Github.


Git-Webby is Copyright © 2011 Hallison Batista, Codigorama.

It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in LICENSE.txt.