Ruby gem to map by U.S. state the music played on FM radios


sudo gem install radiotagmap -s



To create a KML map according to compare current 'Rock' and 'Country' songs

require 'radiotagmap'
Radiotagmap::update_kml '/tmp/overlay.kml' [['Country','Alt-Country']]


v0.0.8 2010/01/07 Added outerBoundaryIs to KML, otherwise Polygons would not show up

v0.0.7 2009/09/18 More contrast in color and defaults to forever and Logger::INFO

v0.0.6 2009/09/18 Only plot the color of the presence of ONE genre/tag (not two)

v0.0.5 2009/09/18 Updated to require yesradio v0.1.2

v0.0.4 2009/09/17 Added a parameter to specify the path to the KML file to create

v0.0.3 2009/09/17 Moved state coords from an external YAML file to the same ruby file in order to avoid calling YAML.load which did not find the right path when run as a gem

v0.0.2 2009/09/17 Added gem dependencies.

v0.0.1 2009/09/16 First commit to compare two families of tags against the others. API calls are threaded. Needs more control and documentation.


Copyright (c) 2009 Claudio Baccigalupo. See LICENSE for details.