Last seen plugin

This plugin provides the traditional last seen functionality for Cinch bots.


First install the gem by running: [sudo] gem install cinch-last_seen

Then load it in your bot: require "cinch" require "cinch/plugins/last_seen"

bot = do
  configure do |c|
    # add all required options here
    c.plugins.plugins = [Cinch::Plugins::LastSeen] # optionally add more plugins




This checks if and when someone was last seen. The plugin will either respond with the time, channel and message or state that it has never seen the person before.




Specify a list of channels the bot should log messages for. If this option is set, :exclude will be ignored.


Specify a list of channels the bot should not log messages for. All other channels will be logged.

A note

If neither :include nor :exclude are set, all channels will be logged.

Example configuration

# ...
configure do |c|
  # only log messages for #cinch-bots
  c.plugins.options[Cinch::Plugins::LastSeen][:channels] = {:include => ["#cinch-bots"]}