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elbping is a tool to ping all of the nodes that make up an Amazon Elastic Load Balancer. It only works for ELBs in HTTP and HTTPS mode and works by triggering an HTTP 405 (METHOD NOT ALLOWED) error caused when the ELB receives a HTTP verb that is too long. This ensures that only the round trip time between elbping and the elastic load balancer itself is being measured.


Installation is as easy as:


If you want to build a development version or your own branch or fork, something like the following will work:





In addition to the command line arguments, elbping can also be configured through the use of environment variables. The following enviromment variables are checked and, if no command line argument overrides it, its value is used in place of the default:

  • PING_ELB_VERBLEN - Size of the HTTP verb to use when pinging an ELB
  • PING_ELB_PINGCOUNT - The number of pings to send before exiting. Zero means never quit.
  • PING_ELB_TIMEOUT - The connect and read timeouts to use when sending the request to the ELB node (in seconds)
  • PING_ELB_WAIT - The amount of time (in seconds) to wait between volleys of pings

Note that none of these need to be set as elbping uses some pretty reasonable defaults. See elbping's usage for more details on that.