• Btce= Module

This is a library in Ruby to easily acces the data provided by the [[href=“http://btc-e.com][btc-e.com]”>btc-e.com]] API. It was originally being used on [[href=“http://btc-charts.com][BTC-Charts.com]”>btc-charts.com]], among other places. It is available under a BSD-style license.

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** Installation

The library is available as a rubygem.

#+BEGIN_SRC sh gem install btce #+END_SRC

** Basic Usage

Populate the file =btce-api-key.yml= along the same lines as the example.

The only thing that 99% of the people using the library will want to do with it:

#+BEGIN_SRC ruby require 'btce' ticker = Btce::Ticker.new “btc_usd” #+END_SRC

This should return something resembling:

#+BEGIN_SRC ruby #<Btce::Ticker:0x00000000d5d9a0 @operation=“ticker”,



You can then acces the fields with the predefined methods of the =Ticker= class.

** =API= Class

This is the parent class for both the =PublicAPI= class and the =TradeAPI= class.


This is the domain of the server, defaulting to the string =btc-e.com=.


This is a list of the short strings for all of the currencies currently supported on [[href=“http://btc-e.com][btc-e.com]”>btc-e.com]].


This is a list of all of the supported currency pairs on [[href=“http://btc-e.com][btc-e.com]”>btc-e.com]].


This indicates how many digits past the decimal place are commonly displayed to humans for a given currency pair.

*** Class Methods

**** =get_https=

**** =get_json=

** =PublicAPI= Class


*** Class Methods

**** =get_pair_operation_json=

**** =get_pair_fee_json=

**** =get_pair_ticker_json=

**** =get_pair_trades_json=

**** =get_pair_depth_json=

**** get_<PAIR>_fee_json

**** get_<PAIR>_ticker_json

**** get_<PAIR>_trades_json

**** get_<PAIR>_depth_json

** =PublicOperation= Class

** =Fee= Class

*** Instance Methods

**** =trade=

** =Ticker= Class

*** Instance Methods

**** =high=

**** =low=

**** =avg=, =average=

**** =vol=, =volume=

**** =vol_cur=

**** =last=

**** =buy=

**** =sell=

**** =server_time=

** =Trade= Class

*** Instance Methods

**** =date=

**** =price=

**** =amount=

**** =tid=

**** =price_currency=

**** =item=

**** =trade_type=

** =Trades= Class

** =Depth= Class ** =TradeAPI= Class

This class wraps the Trade API calls for BTCE. Parameters are passed to the method as a hashmap. More information on parameters can be found on the API docs here btc-e.com/api/documentation

*** Basic Usage

#+BEGIN_SRC ruby require 'btce' info = Btce::TradeAPI.new_from_keyfile.get_info #+END_SRC

This should return something resembling:

#+BEGIN_SRC ruby => 1,

"return" => {"funds" => {"usd" => 2.57460659,
                         "btc" => 0.00012226,
                         "ltc" => 3.00815559,
                         "nmc" => 0,
                         "rur" => 8.0116908,
                         "eur" => 0,
                         "nvc" => 0,
                         "trc" => 0,
                         "ppc" => 0,
                         "ftc" => 0,
                         "xpm" => 0,
             "rights" => => 1,
                          "trade" => 0,
                          "withdraw" => 0,
             "transaction_count" => 120,
             "open_orders" => 1,


*** Class Methods

**** =new_from_keyfile=

*** Instance Methods

**** =sign= This method is used to sign the request with the user's private API key from btc-e.com. **** =trade_api_call= This is the generic method call to the Trade API. It takes a method from the Trade API, and extra information that is needed for the specific method. **** =get_info= Returns the user's balance, API privileges associated with the current key, number of transactions and open orders, as well as server time **** =trade_history= Returns the user's trade history **** =trans_history= Returns the user's transaction history **** =trade= Initiates a trade on the user's account **** =order_list= Returns a list of active orders **** =cancel_order= Cancels the user's order