Humongous: A Ruby way to browse and maintain MongoDB instances, using HTML5.


Command Line Utility

Install the gem by running:

gem install humongous --pre

and run on terminal/console


And you are good to go it will open this in a browser or you can navigate it on port 9000 to stope the server run the command again with -K option

humongous -K

Command line options:

Options What value do they take
-K or --kill kill the running process and exit
-S, --status display the current running PID and URL then quit
-s, --server SERVER serve using SERVER (thin/mongrel/webrick)
-o, --host HOST listen on HOST (default:
-p, --port PORT use PORT (default: 9000)
-x, --no-proxy ignore env proxy settings (e.g. http_proxy)
-F, --foreground don't daemonize, run in the foreground
-L, --no-launch don't launch the browser
-d, --debug raise the log level to :debug (default: :info)
--app-dir APP_DIR set the app dir where files are stored("~/.humongous")
-h, --help Show this message


  • MongoHub (For giving inspiration for simplest UI and navigation.)

More Info

For detailed info visit my blog and/or

For more info write me at me[at]


Currently it only supports Ruby version >= 1.9.2


There are lot of things and area to improve and develop. Since it in pre release now, any bug report, issues and feature request is highly appreciated.

  • Error Handling [DONE]
  • Authentication module [DONE]
  • Better UI (need a real contribution here) [In Progress]
  • Better documentation
  • Example series

Contributing to Humongous

  • Fork, branch, code, and then send me a pull request. :)


Copyright (c) 2012 [Bagwan Pankaj]. See LICENSE.txt for further details.