Humongous: A Ruby way to browse and maintain MongoDB instances, using HTML5.


Command Line Utility

Install the gem by running:

gem install humongous --pre

and run on terminal/console


And you are good to go it will open this in a browser or you can navigate it on port 9000 to stope the server run the command again with -K option

humongous -K

Command line options:

Options What value do they take
-K or --kill kill the running process and exit
-S, --status display the current running PID and URL then quit
-s, --server SERVER serve using SERVER (thin/mongrel/webrick)
-o, --host HOST listen on HOST (default:
-p, --port PORT use PORT (default: 9000)
-x, --no-proxy ignore env proxy settings (e.g. http_proxy)
-F, --foreground don't daemonize, run in the foreground
-L, --no-launch don't launch the browser
-d, --debug raise the log level to :debug (default: :info)
--app-dir APP_DIR set the app dir where files are stored("~/.humongous")
-h, --help Show this message


More Info

For detailed info visit my blog and/or

For more info write me at me[at]


Currently it only supports Ruby version >= 1.9.2


There are lot of things and area to improve and develop. Since it in pre release now, any bug report, issues and feature request is highly appreciated.

Contributing to Humongous


Copyright (c) 2012 [Bagwan Pankaj]. See LICENSE.txt for further details.