Ruby DSL for Gravatar profile and images.

What is it?

Again I'll repeat that it's a "Ruby DSL for "Gravatar":http://en.gravatar.com profile and images."

Getting Started

create a dependency in your Gemfile

gem 'avataree'

then run

bundle install

and you avataree will be up and running.

How to use It

yeah that sound's a good question.

in your controller

for fetching gravatar image


here are options and there possible values:

Options What value do they take
:extension extension of image to be fetched(default => jpg)
:secure boolean to/not to use https scheme (default => false)
:s or :size size of image (e.g 100x100) (default => 80x80)
:d or :default default image to be used(e.g. 404, mm, identicon ..)
:f or :forcedefault takes 'y' or 'n' as argument. always force to load default image
:r or :rating image rating (e.g. g, pg, r, x)

for fetching gravatar profile

Options What value do they take
:secure boolean to/not to use https scheme (default => false)


Credit for this gem goes to Gravatar team for making such a awesome application.

More Info

For detailed info visit my blog "http://BagwanPankaj.com":http://bagwanpankaj.com

For more info write me at bagwanpankaj[at]gmail.com or me[at]bagwanpankaj.com

Copyright (c) 2010 Bagwan Pankaj: http://bagwanpankaj.com, released under the MIT license

Contributing to avataree

Fork, Implement and then send across a pull request.


Copyright (c) 2010 [Bagwan Pankaj]. See LICENSE.txt for further details.