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Dolphin is notification service.

Install for production

Dolphin supported multi datastore are mysql and cassandra.

DataStore cassandra

$ bundle install --without test development mysql

DataStore mysql

$ bundle install --without test development cassandra

Copy Settings File

$ cp -ip ./config/dolphin.conf.example ./config/dolphin.conf

Edit config

$ vi ./config/dolphin.conf

./config/dolphin.conf from=yourname@yourdomain

Start Service

$ ./bin/dolphin_server
I, [2013-03-12T14:41:17.533784 #27820]  INFO -- : [11950120] [Dolphin::RequestHandler] Running on ruby 1.9.3 with selected Celluloid::TaskThread
I, [2013-03-12T14:41:17.533922 #27820]  INFO -- : [11950120] [Dolphin::RequestHandler] Listening on

Add Notification

$ ruby ./example/client/put_notification.rb

Add Event

$ ruby ./example/client/post_event.rb

Tempolary mail

$ ls ./tmp/mails

Run Test Case

$ bundle exec rake spec


Copyright (c) Axsh Co. Components are included distribution under LGPL 3.0 and Apache 2.0