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redd is an API wrapper for reddit written in ruby that focuses on being simple and extensible.
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Getting Started

Ruby and redd make creating reddit bots accessible and fun. To demonstrate, let's create a simple bot in four steps that responds to "Hello?" with "World!". Note: this is just a tutorial; although you're welcome to take it on a test drive on a testing subreddit, don't actually host this bot.

  1. Installing
    You can either install the gem directly by running gem install redd or by placing the gem into your Gemfile and running bundle install.
   source ""
   gem "redd"

   # or if you're feeling adventurous
   gem "redd", github: "avidw/redd"
  1. Setting Up
    Let's load up redd and create a client for us to work with. (The username and password aren't real!)
   require "redd"
   #=> true

   r = Redd::Client::Authenticated.new_from_credentials "HelloWorldBot", "hunter2", user_agent: "HelloWorldBot v1.0 by /u/you"
   # => #<Redd::Client::Authenticated:0xY4D4y4D4y4dA ...
  1. Scouting
    Redd has a really cool method similar to praw's helpers.comment_stream that "streams" comments to you while avoiding duplicates. You won't have to take care of rate-limiting either; Redd sleeps after requests to avoid ratelimit errors. If you want to write a less blocking rate limiting class, take a look at lib/redd/rate_limit.rb
   r.comment_stream "test" do |comment|
      comment.reply "World!" if comment.body =~ /^Hello\?$/i
  1. Just in Case
    It's also a good idea to escape some common errors from reddit in case they happen:
      r.comment_stream "test" do |comment|
        comment.reply "World!" if comment.body =~ /^Hello\?$/i
    rescue Redd::Error::RateLimited => e
      time_left = e.time
    rescue Redd::Error => e
      status = e.code
      # 5-something errors are usually errors on reddit's end.
      raise e unless (500...600).include?(status)


Redd also provides a wrapper to connect to reddit via OAuth2 for both the authorization_code and password grants with the Redd::Client::OAuth2 and Redd::Client::OAuth2Script clients. The clients' methods are similar to the authenticated client, given that you have the required scopes. Refer to reddit's api for the various scopes. Getting OAuth2 running is easy and can even be used to integrate reddit's features into a Rails application. Another plus is that logging in via OAuth2 lets you make twice as many requests without hitting a rate limit (1/second). Let's try logging into reddit with sinatra.

If you're using the OAuth2Script client, you don't have to do all this work. For the password grant, you can just jump straight to request_access without having to get a code, which is pretty sweet.

The first thing you need to do is to create an OAuth2 application in reddit here. For more information, refer to "Getting Started" on reddit's wiki.

Note: Although I enter the client id and secret in the code directly, I recommend you store them in environment variables or a .env file and load it with dotenv.


require "./connect_to_reddit"
run ConnectToReddit
# connect_to_reddit.rb

require "sinatra/base"
require "redd"

class ConnectToReddit < Sinatra::Base
  configure do
    enable :sessions

    # If you're on Rails, you can replace the fixed url with a named one (e.g. redirect_url).
    set :client,"sa_xTDcJ3dWz0w", "very-sensitive-secret", "http://localhost:8080/auth/reddit/redirect")

  get "/auth/reddit" do
    # Make use of the state!
    # SecureRandom, which is included in Ruby, helps create a url-safe random string.
    state = SecureRandom.urlsafe_base64
    session[:state] = state
    redirect settings.client.auth_url(["identity"], :temporary, state)

  get "/auth/reddit/redirect" do
    raise "Your state doesn't match!" unless session[:state] == params[:state]

    # access is a Redd::OAuth2Access object.
    access = settings.client.request_access(params[:code])
    me = settings.client.with_access(access) { |client| }

    # Now use the Redd::Object::User object to create a user, maybe assign some
    # sort of token to remember their session.
    redirect to("/success")

Now let's run the application:

$ rackup -p 8080

Remember Me

If you want longer control of users' accounts for background tasks like auto-saving to a users' account behind the scenes or not have to ask your user to go through reddit every time, you can choose to have a permanent access by changing the second parameter of auth_url.

client ="sa_xTDcJ3dWz0w", "very-sensitive-secret", "http://localhost:8080/auth/reddit/redirect")
state = SecureRandom.urlsafe_base64
auth_url = client.auth_url(["identity"], :permanent, state)

The access will still only last one hour, but you can refresh the access whenever you want.

access = client.request_access(params[:code])

# 1 hour or more later
client.refresh_access(access) if access.expired?

Now if you are running a web application, you can't just store access tokens in memory. Redd::OAuth2Access offers a couple of methods for serializing the access to JSON and retrieving it.

json = access.to_json
current_user.update!(access: json) # Rails
redis.set("some-token", json)      # Redis

# After some time
access = Redd::OAuth2Access.from_json(current_user.access)
client.with_access(access) do |authenticated_client|

Who, me?

You can also revoke access tokens after the user has logged out to make sure the tokens can't be used for malicious purposes.

also_revoke_refresh_token = true
client.revoke_access(access, also_revoke_refresh_token)

Extending Redd

Extending any ruby library, including redd is incredibly easy. Let's try this out by adding a gilding extension. Reddit provides an api to be able to gild posts and comments, given that you have "creddits".

  1. Let's start by creating a module for the methods to live in.
   module MyGildingExtension
  1. Let's add a method to gild a thing, using the reddit api and following the conventions.
   module MyGildingExtension
      def gild(thing)
        # Redd::Client::Unauthenticated::Utilities has some pretty helpful
        # methods.
        fullname = extract_fullname(thing)

        # We're using post instead of object_from_response, because we don't
        # expect any object from the response.
        post "/api/v1/gold/gild/#{fullname}"
  1. Let's add the method to the Authenticated client. You can also add it to the Unauthenticated client, but since unauthenticated users can't gild, there's no point.
  1. You might also want to add the method to objects to make it easier to access.
   module Gildable
      def gild
        # Every Redd::Object is instantiated with the client that created
        # it, so the method can be called on the client easily, similar to
        # praw in python.



Fork the repository, create a pull request and go nuts.

You don't have to run the tests, Travis CI will automatically do that with my testing subreddit and account when you submit a pull request.

Supported Rubies

This gem aims to work on the following rubies:

MRI: 1.9.3 - 2.1.2
JRuby: 1.7.x
Rubinius: 2.x.x


Copyright (c) Avinash Dwarapu under the MIT License. See for more details.
Some code has been used from RedditKit.rb. See for more details.

Redd not your cup of tea? Check out RedditKit.rb!