== BGFit ==


The Bacterial Growth Fitting application (BGFit) is a web-based software application that serves both as:

  1. an automated fitting tool for experimental using an extensible set of dynamic models and;
  2. a data repository that holds and manages experimental data.

It is extensible to new dynamic models using a distributed architecture allowing users to define their own models and fit their data. Furthermore, each extension contributes to a richer environment, where other scientists can easily test and compare different approaches by different models to better extract and understand the information described in the data.

The application is described in the context of bacterial growth data fitting, but it is also applicable to other types of 2 dimensional data, e.g. data from cancer growth experiments or macroeconomic data.

General Information

INESC-ID KDBIO Research Group

contact developer at: averissimo(at)kdbio.inesc-id.pt



$ git submodule init

$ git submodule update

$ gem install bundler

$ gem install rails -v 3.1.3

$ bundle install


This work has been developed under the PneumoSYS project

Supported by FCT under PTDC/SAU-MII/100964/2008