A Ruby wrapper for v2 of Tumblr's API, supporting all endpoints.


gem install tumble


The gem is designed to work with Tumblr's OAuth provider for authentication. If you're using omniauth, there's a fine adapter available here. You'll also need to register your app here in order to get a consumer key and secret. Once you have those, you can configure Tumble in an initializer like so:

require 'tumble'

Tumble.configure do |tumble|
  tumble.consumer_key = ENV['tumblr']['key']
  tumble.consumer_secret = ENV['tumblr']['secret']


A connection can then be made by creating a client, passing the OAuth token and secret you get back from the provider:

client = Tumble::Client.new(access_token, access_secret)

User-related endpoints can be accessed through the client directly, as documented here. For example:


All methods will return a Hashie::Mash of the results. For data about blogs and posts, use the blog() method on the client, passing the name of the blog. The methods for blogs are documented here. For example, getting posts for a specific blog can be done like this:


Most of the calls allow for options to be passed as a hash. Options are documented in the links above and are consistent with the naming and functionality described in the Tumblr docs.




Copyright (c) 2012 Aubrey Holland See LICENSE for details.