RSM -- Rails Server Manger

RSM created for make easier some actons on server like:

  • generation config file
  • manipulation of files
  • running commands

This version can:

  • create Nginx virtual server config from template
  • clone from Git repo or download and unpack Rails application from TGZ or TBZ2 archive
  • generate Unicorn config from template
  • start/stop/restart unicorn server
  • start/stop/restart thin server
  • run bundle install and update


Project located at GitHub:


Created by Oleksandr (asux) Ulianytskyi


Source code has BSD license


Install from RubyGems:

$ gem install rsm

Or from source code:

$ git clone git://
$ cd rsm
$ rake install


List avalable tasks:

$ rsm -T

Help for certain task:

$ rsm help TASK


For detailed documentation read YARD docs at Rubydoc - or generated from GitHub -