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Neo4j.rb is an Active Model compliant Ruby/JRuby wrapper for the Neo4j graph database. It uses the neo4j-core and active_attr gems.

For a general overview see our website: http://neo4jrb.io/

Winner of a 2014 Graphie for "Best Community Contribution" at Neo4j's Graph Connect conference! 2014 Graphie

Coming Soon: v4!

The master branch of this repo now holds stable builds of the v4 version of the gem. Its changes are outlined at here. Unless otherwise noted, all 3.X documentation is totally valid. v4 discussion will happen https://github.com/neo4jrb/neo4j/issues/596 but if you have any concerns, please contact us directly.

Modern (3.X) Documentation

Legacy (2.x) Documentation




Pull request with high test coverage and good code climate values will be accepted faster.


Notice: There are different licenses for the neo4j-community, neo4j-advanced, and neo4j-enterprise jar gems. Only the neo4j-community gem is required by default.