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RubyAMI is an AMI client library in Ruby and based on EventMachine with the sole purpose of providing a connection to the Asterisk Manager Interface. RubyAMI does not provide any features beyond connection management and protocol parsing. Actions are sent over the wire, and responses are returned. Events are passed to a callback you define. It's up to you to match these up into something useful. In this regard, RubyAMI is very similar to Blather for XMPP or Punchblock, the Ruby 3PCC library. In fact, Punchblock uses RubyAMI under the covers for its Asterisk implementation, including an implementation of AsyncAGI.

NB: If you're looking to develop an application on Asterisk, you should take a look at the Adhearsion framework first. This library is much lower level.


gem install ruby_ami


require 'ruby_ami'

stream = '', 5038, 'manager', 'password',
                              ->(e) { handle_event e },
                    , 10

def handle_event(event)
  when 'FullyBooted'
    stream.async.send_action 'Originate', 'Channel' => 'SIP/foo'


Celluloid::Actor.join stream

RubyAMI also has a class called RubyAMI::Client which used to be the main usage method. The purpose of this class was to tie together two AMI connections and separate events and action execution between the two in order to avoid some issues present in Asterisk < 1.8 with regards to separating overlapping events and executing multiple actions simultaneously. These issues are no longer present, and so RubyAMI::Client is now deprecated and will be removed in RubyAMI 3.0.


Note on Patches/Pull Requests


Copyright (c) 2013 Ben Langfeld, Jay Phillips. MIT licence (see LICENSE for details).