ActiveAdmin Cms

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A simple CMS extension for ActiveAdmin.

Getting Started

First you need to add ActiveAdmin Cms to your gemfile and run a bundle install ```ruby


gem 'activeadmin-cms' console

On command line

bundle install ```

Run active admin install

If you haven't already run the ActiveAdmin install generator, do this first. console > rails g active_admin:install Follow the on-screen instructions.

The default user has a login of '' and a password of 'password'.

Run CMS install

> rails g active_admin:cms:install

Configure Fog

Create a new file in config/initializers called fog.rb to setup fog. ```ruby


CarrierWave.configure do |config| config.fog_credentials = { :provider => 'AWS', :aws_access_key_id => '-aws-access-key-', :aws_secret_access_key => '-aws-secret-, :region => 'eu-west-1' } config.fog_host = "//" config.fog_directory = "" end ```

Generate a page class

> rails g active_admin:cms:page Page

Generate a recipe

> rails g active_admin:cms:recipe Default

You will need to also create a migration to insert a database record for the recipe console > rails g migration AddDefaultRecipe ```ruby


class AddDefaultRecipe < ActiveRecord::Migration def up r = r.title = 'Default' r.type = 'Recipes::Default' end

def down end end ```