Yahoo! PlaceFinder is a geocoding webservice that converts street addresses and place names into geographic coordinates.

Use Yahoo! PlaceFinder within your ruby apps using this gem.


Install from RubyGems

    gem install placefinder

Require it in your files:

    require 'placefinder'

    placefinder = => your_api_key)
    placefinder.get :q => "Central Park, NY, US", :flags => 'J'

You are encourage to check the documentation to see the params of the API:

Super easy! isn't ?


   1- The api_key is not a required field, you can start hitting their api without it.
   2- If you specify format in the :flags, it will be ignore, a hash is always returned.


Yahoo! PlaceFinder as geolocation service really sucks and I would recommend to use Google, you can checkout Geokit which makes interactions with Google really easy.


Adolfo Builes,

Copyright (c) 2011