A gem implementation of Kaltura's Ruby API client. The kaltura-ruby library suffers from poor namespacing, file separation, and a bug preventing multipart POST requests to the Kaltura API. This gem is a work in progress, and the interface may change between versions as this this library is one giant refactoring project.

Project Page - www.kaltura.org/project/kcl_ruby

Gem Documentation - rdoc.info/projects/Velir/kaltura-ruby


$ gem install velir_kaltura-ruby

In a rails application:

# config/environment.rb
config.gem "velir_kaltura-ruby",:lib=>"kaltura"


require 'yaml'
require 'kaltura'

# These values may be retrieved from your KMC account
partner_id = your_partner_id
subpartner_id = your_subpartner_id
administrator_secret = your_administrator_secret
user_secret = your_user_secret

config = Kaltura::Configuration.new( partner_id )
client = Kaltura::Client.new( config )
session = client.session_service.start( admin_secret, '', Kaltura::Constants::SessionType::ADMIN )
client.ks = session

filter = Kaltura::Filter::BaseFilter.new
pager = Kaltura::FilterPager.new

media = client.media_service.list(filter, pager)
puts "\nmedia:"
puts media.to_yaml

#video = File.open("/home/papyromancer/ovb.ogv")


The original Ruby client library for Kaltura may be found at www.kaltura.org/project/kcl_ruby . This implementation of the library as a gem attempts to track the Kaltura svn as closely as possible while adding relevant documentation.

This library is released in compliance with the GNU Affero General Public License.

Copyright © 2006-2010 Kaltura Inc. See LICENSE for details.