Getting Started

Rails 3

Add redistry to your Gemfile

gem "redistry"

Using has_list

Associate a Redis list with each ActiveRecord item:

class Notification < ActiveRecord::Base



class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_list :recent_notifications, :class => Notification, :size => 10


You can add items to the list with add:


Since you specified :size, Redistry will treat the list as a queue (first in, last out) with a maximum of size elements. If you don't specify :size, the list will not limit the size at all.

You can fetch the items with all:

@notifications = user.recent_notifications.all

And you can clear all the notifications with clear:


Using list

Sometimes, you want to associate a list generically with an entire class (or a module)

class User
  list :popular, :size => 10

Note that since we didn't specify :class, Redistry will assume the objects are of the same type as the outer class (in this case, User).

Use the same interface as has_list to access the items:

@popular_users = User.popular.all

Known Issues / TODO

  • JSON serializer does not work with strings... not sure how to deal since this technically is not valid json

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