Atom Flight Manual

This is the Atom book. Everything you need to know in order to use and hack Atom is in this Flight Manual.

You can find this book online at:

This book is open source under a Creative Commons license.



This book is published under the Creative Commons BY-SA license. If you contribute to the work, you will have to agree to allow your content to be published under the self same license. Check out the license file for more details.

Current Progress

To check the current progress and planned content of the book, check out the outline. This is a good place to start if you're looking for something to add.

Testing Changes Locally


Fetching dependencies

You can always fetch the latest dependencies by opening the command line and running script/bootstrap:

$ script/bootstrap

Starting the site

You can start the site with script/server:

$ script/server
Loading site data...
Compiling site...

Site compiled in 5.81s.

While the server is running, you can see the site in your browser at http://localhost:4000.


If you'd like to help out by making a change, adding content or improving something, take a look at the contributor's guide.