A Bukkit Server command line interface.

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Features (see commands for more details)

  • Automatically creates a new server (your choice of build: rb, beta, or dev) with a simple command.
  • Plugin manager. No more downloading and copying files.
  • Update to the most recent build of your choice.
  • And much more!

Getting Started

Quick Start:

~ $ gem install bukkit
~ $ bukkit new my-awesome-server-name


To View Command Options run: bukkit [command] [options: -[-h]elp]

bukkit [--help, -h] Display global help.

bukkit install my-favorite-plugin Install a new bukkit plugin. (case insensitive)

bukkit uninstall my-not-so-favorite-plugin Uninstall a plugin. (case insensitive)

bukkit new my-awesome-server-name [options: --rb, --beta, --dev, -[-f]orce (Overwrite any conflicting dirs.)], Create a new Bukkit server.

bukkit start [options: --ram MEMORY_INT] Start your server.

bukkit update [options: --rb, --beta, --dev] Download the latest version of CraftBukkit.

bukkit website my-favorite-plugin [options: --url (just show url, don't open)] Visit a plugin's website.


  • Ruby (RVM - for Linux/Mac and RubyInstaller - Windows)
    • 2.0.0 (recommended!)
    • 1.9.3 (go right ahead)
    • other versions (may or may not work, if you find a bug though report it!)
  • Java
    • All Versions Allowed by Bukkit.

Feature Requests:

To file a feature request just create an issue here. If your request makes sense (please write with the best grammar you can) then I'll get to work right away!


To contribute to this awesome project just fork it and send a pull request.

Please follow the Ruby Styleguide. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.