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This is a gem to add a number of selectors and helpers for working with recurring schedules in a rails app. It uses the IceCube recurring scheduling gem.

Created by the Jobber team for Jobber, the leading business management tool for field service companies.

Check out the live demo (code in spec\dummy folder)


Basic selector:

Load the gem: gem 'recurring_select'

Require assets Desktop view application.js //= require recurring_select application.css //= require recurring_select

or jQueryMobile interface application.js //= require jquery-mobile-rs application.css //= require jquery-mobile-rs

In the form view call the helper: <%= f.select_recurring :recurring_rule_column %>


Defaults Values f.select_recurring :current_existing_rule, [, :wednesday, :friday), IceCube::Rule.monthly.day_of_month(-1) ]

:allow_blank let's you pick if there is a "not recurring" value f.select_recurring :current_existing_rule, :allow_blank => true

Additional Helpers

RecurringSelect also comes with several helpers for parsing up the parameters when they hit your application.

You can send the column into the is_valid_rule? method to check the validity of the input. RecurringSelect.is_valid_rule?(possible_rule)

There is also a dirty_hash_to_rule method for sanitizing the inputs for IceCube. This is sometimes needed based on if you're receiving strings, fixed numbers, strings vs symbols, etc. RecurringSelect.dirty_hash_to_rule(params)


Recurrent select is I18n aware

You can create a locale file like this:

    not_recurring: "- not recurring -"
    change_schedule: "Change schedule..."
    set_schedule: "Set schedule..."
    new_custom_schedule: "New custom schedule..."
    custom_schedule: "Custom schedule..."
    or: or

You have to translate javascript texts too by including the locale file in your assets manifest. Only french and english are supported for the moment

//= require recurring_select/en
//= require recurring_select/fr

For other languages include a file like this:

$.fn.recurring_select.texts = {
  repeat: "Repeat"
  frequency: "Frequency"
  daily: "Daily"
  weekly: "Weekly"
  monthly: "Monthly"
  yearly: "Yearly"
  every: "Every"
  days: "day(s)"
  weeks_on: "week(s) on"
  months: "month(s)"
  years: "year(s)"
  first_day_of_week: 1
  day_of_month: "Day of month"
  day_of_week: "Day of week"
  cancel: "Cancel"
  ok: "OK"
  days_first_letter: ["S", "M", "T", "W", "T", "F", "S" ]
  order: ["1st", "2nd", "3rd", "4th"]

Testing and development

Start the dummy server for clicking around the interface: rails s

Use Guard and RSpec for all tests. I'd love to get jasmine running also, but haven't had time yet.

Tests can be ran against different versions of Rails like so:

rake appraisal:install
rake appraisal

Feel free to open issues or send pull requests.


This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.