TARDEF - Task And Related Data Exchange Format

TARDEF is a format for saving and exchanging data for tasks and related data - like lists and tags - in an easy format. By default, YAML and JSON are supported as file formats by TARDEF, but any format that supports the same kind of structures as YAML / JSON could be used.


  • Text based: Files can be read and written by humans and also supports versioning files using Git, SVN, etc.
  • Extensions: Extensions can be used to add functionality to the TARDEF file that is not supported by the default format.


The TARDEF repository contains a Ruby library that can be used for accessing the files. There are also schemas following the Kwalify (http://www.kuwata-lab.com/kwalify/) standard that can be used for validating TARDEF files. A ruby tool for doing so is also included.

The validator can be used by calling tardef_validate -f -t

File Format Description

Coming soon...