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A 1-1 mapping of the Riot Developer APIs to a Ruby Gem with a convenient abstraction to get the most from the API (always growing).


gem install league_api


In order to use the API you must have a developer key which can be obtained at (https://developer.riotgames.com/):

export LOL_KEY="your-key"

Once you set the LOL_KEY (will be changing to API_KEY in the near future) you can start to play with the API methods that Riot provides (https://developer.riotgames.com/api/methods).

Available Methods

$ LeagueApi.available_requests will return all requests that can be made

Since the API returns JSON there is typically more information than we typically want. Because of this there are / will be more, convenience methods available.

LeagueApi.get_champion_list #Fetch array of champions names
LeagueApi [ get_item_names, get_summoner_id(name), last_game_played(summoner_id) ]

Right now there are not many methods available


Is very much appreciated so feel free to submit a PR and we can see if we can get it merged in.